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Due to varying overhead costs, prices differ slightly from one club to the next. Please contact individual clubs for detailed price information.

All fees are inclusive of collection of children, fresh fruit snack, healthy tea and all games, crafts and activities.

Discounts are available for breakfast and after school sessions at all clubs, though there are no discounts for holiday clubs. We reserve the right to announce ‘Special Offer’ rates on certain occasions, which will be advertised.

Payment of club fees is monthly in advance. You will be invoiced in time to make your payment by the due date. Late payment fees will be charged.


Families of children who attend childcare clubs registered with the Ofsted or Care Inspectorate Wales (C.I.W) can claim Child Tax Credits from Inland Revenue.

We accept cash, bank transfer and most childcare voucher scheme. Please contact individual clubs for details of bank accounts, should you wish to pay on-line by bank transfers.

Please note: It is our aim to have all our clubs registered with Ofsted or CSSIW, however the process of registration is often a lengthy one and we do not always know exactly when clubs will gain their registration numbers. Consequently you may not be able to claim your tax credits immediately, as tax offices will require the registration number. Please bear with us during this time. When clubs are opened in order to provide you with the service, but registration is not complete, that club may only operate for up to 2 hours each day (until registration is complete). This is in line with the Govenment Regulations on Childcare and we trust that you will respect this. Thank you.


For information on individual clubs, please contact the franchisee by phone or email (contact details can be found on the relevant after school club page).

Emma will be pleased to discuss any questions that you may have regarding Simply Out of School Franchises.

Contact us on 01656 372910 or email enquiries to

Alternatively, you can use the contact form opposite.

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